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Income Thresholds & Rental Rates

Brooks Housing Society operates Prairie Village as an affordable housing initiative. Income guidelines apply and eligibility is based on combined income of all adults living at the site. Core Need Income Threshold levels are regulated by the Alberta Government and may change annually.

Combined income of all adults living at site must be below or no more than:

  • One Bedroom Unit - $ 48,000.00

  • Two Bedroom Units - $ 52,000.00

  • Three Bedroom Units - $ 56,000.00


Rental Rates:

   Effective June 2024 new rates 

  • One Bedroom Units - $ 735.00 includes all utilities

  • Two Bedroom Units - $ 880. 00 includes all utilities

  • Three Bedroom Units - $ 1010.00 includes all utilities



Affordable Housing – is housing that is modest in terms of floor area and amenities. This housing meets household needs and rents or leases below market rent in the community of within the area the unit is located at 235 Meadow Lake Way - office apt # 605

Income Thresholds – means the maximum income limits used to assess income eligibility for provincial subsidized housing programs, set annually through the Provincial Government

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