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Pre-Qualification Application Form


1. Fill out and submit form below.

2. Qualifying applicants will be contacted for an interview to finalize documentation.

3. Meeting will be held onsite with the Property Manager.

Note: Once accepted you will be required to pay first months rent and a security deposit equal to one months rent.

Number of bedrooms requested

Applicant Information

Have you received any other sources of income in the past six months?

Co-applicant (Adult living at the residence) Information

Have you received any other sources of income in the past six months?
Is any member of your family physically handicapped?
Do you require a unit with a wheelchair accessibility?
Do you require a ground floor unit?

Current Address and Landlord's Information

Your application has been sent.

It will be reviewed by a member of our team.

We will contact you either way.

Other Resident's Information

Please note the acceptance or refusal of an applicant is at the sole and absolute discretion of management.


WAIVER: Confidentiality

I have asked the staff to facilitate this application on my behalf. I understand this requires the staff to contact a third party eg. Newell Housing, Alberta Works or other people/agencies noted on this application. I give my consent and permission to the staff to make contact related to this application. I give consent to any mentioned agency to release all relevant requested information to Brooks Housing Society staff.


The information provide on this form is collected under the authority of the Society's Act and is in accordance with the Personal Information and Privacy Act. This information is being collected for the purpose of determining and verifying tenant eligibility for the Brooks Housing Society.

I understand that this application does not constitute an agreement on the part of Brooks Housing Society, or its agents to provide the applicant with rental accommodation.


I further acknowledge the right of Brooks Housing Society, or its agents at any time prior to the execution and delivery, to me of a lease hereby applied for, to withdraw, revoke or cancel, without penalty or liability for damages or otherwise any acceptance or approval of the application previously made or given. Any false statements shall cancel any further consideration of my application.


I further agree that I am obligated to advise Brooks Housing Society, or its agent, in writing of any changes in family composition, gross family income, assets, employment or change of address, should they occur.

By clicking the button below I am confirming that the applicant agree to the above terms and conditions.

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